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Press brake

Nominal Pressure:1300 KN
Working Table Length:3200 mm
Column Spacing:2700 mm
CNC system:DELEM
Servo Motor:Eston, Nanjing
Hydraulic Control System:Rexroth,Germany Bosch



The whole welded structure has strong seismic resistance.
The slider position feedback accuracy is high, the operation is accurate and stable, the synchronization performance is good, the bending accuracy, and the slider repeat positioning accuracy are high.
The backgauge function is more complete, with multiple backgauge shafts.
The integrated hydraulic control system ensures the stability of the machine tool.
The hydraulic deflection automatic compensation mechanism eliminates the influence of the deformation of the slider on the quality of the workpiece.
No. Parameter Unit Remark
1 Nominal pressure 1300 KN  
2 Working table length 3200 mm  
3 Column spacing 2700 mm  
4 Throat depth 400 mm  
5 Maximum opening height between worktable and slider 450 mm  
6 Slider stroke 200 mm  
7 Number of CNC axes 3+1   Mechanical compensation
8 Height of work surface from ground 920 mm Excluding down die
9 Maximum working pressure of hydraulic system 28 MPa  
10 Main motor Y160M-4  11kw
11 Slide stroke speed No load 180 mm/s  
Working 5-15 mm/s  
Return trip 140 mm/s  
12 Gear pump Model HG1-25-01R-VPC    
Flow 25 ml/r  
Pressure 32 MPa  
13 Dimensions Length 3900 mm  
Width 1950 mm  
Height 2720 mm  


No. Name Brand
1 CNC system DELEM
2 servo motor Eston, Nanjing
3 Servo drive
4 Hydraulic control system Rexroth,Germany Bosch
5 High pressure oil filter Hydac, Germany
6 High pressure gear pump Rexroth,Germany
7 Grating ruler FAGOR, Spain
8 Card sleeve tubing joint EMB, Germany
9 Linear Guides HIWIN /PMI, TBI, Taiwan
10 Ball screw
11 Synchronous toothed belt Megadyne,Italy
12 Cylinder sealing element MERKEL, Germany
13 Proximity switch Schneider, France
14 Single/double pole air switch Schneider, France
15 AC contactor
16 Thermal relay
17 Breaker
18 Button Schneider, France
19 Terminals Wago, Germany
20 Cylinder Oilgear, USA
21 Mould Avit

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