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  • 3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • 3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • 3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine
  • 3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

3000W Dual Drive High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

Working Area:4000MM*2000MM, 6000MM*2000MM
Fiber Power:1500W/2000W/3000W/4000W
Laser Type:Fiber Laser Generator
Lubrication System:Full-Automatic
Maximum Speed:120M/Min
Maximum Accelerated Speed:1.2G



High speed metal laser cutting machine adopts high performance aluminum beam, through finite element analysis, high acceleration arc cutting, whole closed-loop laser cutting machine control system, auto focus function, high-speed perforation and automatic edge searching function, automatic exchange platform, shorten the operation time of loading and unloading.

1. High-rigidity heavy chassis, reducing the vibration generated during high-speed cutting greatly.
2. Gantry double-drive structure, with imported German rack & pinion transmission system, improves the production efficiency.
3. High-performance cast aluminum guide rail, after finite element analysis, realizes highly accelerated speed circular arc cutting.
4. Close-loop laser cutting control system, auto focus, high-speed piercing and automatic tracing-edge function.

Technical Parameters

Working area 2000mm*4000mm, 2000mm*6000mm, 2000mm*8000mm
Laser type Fiber laser generator
Laser power(optional) 3000w 4000w 5000w 6000w
Transmission system Gantry double-drive system
Lubrication system Full-automatic
Maximum speed 120m/min
Maximum accelerated speed 1.2 G
Position accuracy ±0.05mm/1000mm
Reposition accuracy ±0.03mm/1000mm
Compatible formats PLT/DXF/AI/CAD etc
Working environment Temp: 0-40℃, Humidity: ≤ 80%, No condensation
Total power Around 25KW
Power supply Triphase 380V/50Hz/60Hz
Net dimension 10600mm*3470mm*1875mm
Gross weight 11000Kg

Suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, Aluminum Alloy, titanium alloy and other metal materials, widely used in kitchen lamps, sheet metal processing, metal cabinets, auto parts, refrigerator, air conditioning, elevator, hotel metal products and other industries.

Samples Exhibition
Baiwei 3000W High Speed CNC Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Application


No. item Parameters Unit
1 Working area 3000×1500 mm
2 X axis stroke 3050 mm
3 Y axis stroke 1525 mm
4 Z axis stroke 200 mm
5 positioning accuracy ±0.03 mm/m
6 Repeated positioning accuracy 0.02 mm
7 Maximum feed rate 120 m/min
8 Cutting accuracy ±0.05 mm/m
9 Z axis height control Numerical control, servo  
10 Z axis servo system Capacitive height sensor  
11 Laser source power 3000 W
12 Cutting thickness(Under the condition of the cutting condition) Carbon steel 0.5-20 mm
    Stainless steel0.5-10 mm

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